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Peace Academy of Virtual Education

Peace Academy of Virtual Education (PAVE) follows the Alberta Program of Studies and is led by Alberta-certified teachers working closely with students and their families. PAVE predominantly provides grade-level programming to students from grades 7-9. Through ongoing learning activities, timely feedback, and assessment, we ensure students and families have the resources they need to be successful and a clear understanding of their progress toward meeting grade-level learning outcomes.

Students registered with PAVE will follow an assigned schedule in order to maintain pace with the school year and be able to successfully complete their courses on time. Online students are part of a learning group and expected to interact with their teacher and classmates at specific times in a structured online environment using virtual platforms such as Google Meet and other secure Division applications.  

Students receive both online teacher instruction as well as assigned activities and assignments to be completed throughout the day.  Length of activities and required caregiver support varies with grade level and individual learner characteristics. Students in grade 7-9  should plan for approximately 75 minutes of available online time with their teachers. 

PAVE also strives to meet the needs of families who choose to have more flexibility with their learner’s schedules while continuing to follow the Alberta Program of Studies and seeking teacher-directed activities and assessment of learner outcomes.  We recommend you speak directly with your learner’s teacher if opting out of the live instruction and assigned schedule to discuss how your assigned teacher(s) can best support you in supporting your learner.  The release of learning materials and instructional support will continue to follow the assigned schedule although opportunities for individual virtual sessions with the teacher can be booked upon request. 

PAVE depends on active participation and ongoing collaboration between the parent, student and teacher. Through regular communication, we can ensure that the absolute best learning opportunities are made available to your child and that we can deliver the best possible learning experience.

Students who are currently enrolled at a school with the Peace Wapiti Public School Division should contact their local school administration regarding the possibility of transferring.

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